Are you considering buying a home in Sus as an investment? Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of and why it’s considered a great investment.

If you want to secure your financial future, it’s best to go for a fast developing area. Pune is considered a hotspot due to its rapid development of infrastructure and utilities in the last decade.

Pune’s Sus Gaon area offers some incredibly potential real estate projects. The rapid urbanization of this region makes it a favorite among young professionals, employees of various IT companies and MNCs.

Pune is highly popular in the minds of investors, realtors and home buyers. Nowadays many people move to Pune not only for work but also for their educational needs and their children’s needs. Thus, buying a home surrounded by all the basic facilities and advanced amenities is the hour’s need. And so for new homebuyers in Pune, there is no better option than considering
Baner Sus Street as their next address. Here is the reason:

Easy accessibility to IT hub Hinjewadi

Pune is home to a huge IT sector and is constantly booming. The IT hub in Pune is located in Hinjewadi. Those who are working proffessionals or are in the IT sector, have feasible option of having a home pretty close to the IT companies. Sus Gaon is therefore the most logical choice due to its connectivity and proximity to Hinjewadi. This area is considered to have great
potential for development. Industry infrastructure development in Sus is relatively fast and picking up speed. The state of public transport, roads and infrastructure is also impressive.

To buy a home in this ideal area, choose reliability!

Easy access to Mumbai Bangalore Highway:

The new Mumbai-Pune highway makes travel more convenient than ever. For those who have family in Pune and work in Mumbai or vice versa, Sus Road provides excellent connection to the Mumbai-Pune highway. Choose your next address, a perfect home with Kiran Creators, one of the most trusted builders in Sus.

A perfect weekend home

Surrounded by hills on all sides and a stream running through the middle, Sus gaon is the perfect place to relax and unwind. For those who have their lives settled in the core city, may want to have a perfect weekend gateway to chill and relax. Weekend Home as they call it, can be a great investment considering the fast growth and demand for the homes in Sus gaon.

Whether you are looking for settling down or want to invest in the happy homes, Kiran Creators is the best option to go with. At Kiran Creators we provide you with excellent homes with all required facilities with best construction quality.

Surrounded by lush greenery

Pune is a city of hills, lakes and rivers, but the old part of the city and some suburban areas are dominated by industrial and residential developments that have led to the reduction of green space in the city. This isn’t true for Baner-Sus road. Baner Hill, Pashan Lake and all the surrounding greenery are sure to leave you feeling refreshed once you find a home here. Open spaces, gardens and shaded green lanes offer a unique escape from the crowded city. It’s time to have your dream home surrounded by nature yet easily accessible for your daily needs. It’s time to buy your happy home from Kiran Creators in Sus, Pune.

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